BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Dear beloved Readers,

I hope you are having a wonderful merry Christmas!  It's a pretty low-key day at my house today, but I'm looking forward to a delicious dinner surrounded by loved ones.

On a completely unrelated note I found a really cool story in a local newspaper about a guy who is on a quest to meet 100 strangers over 100 cups of tea...check it out!  It's pretty heartwarming:  http://www.onehundredcups.com/
In that process I found out about a local young woman who is on a similar path of meeting strangers, opening up with the stories around their tattoos:  http://astrangeraday.tumblr.com/

It is so nice to read about these creative grassroots initiatives to connect people in such a human way.  I think that is what we are missing during this technological age: simple human to human connection.  Without a laptop in between.  It's a little hyprocritical to be saying this in a blog, I suppose...

Anyway, wishing you a day (and many more) filled with love, laughter, joy, and all things glorious.

Merry Christmas!

Love from your friend,


  1. Dear Emmy,

    My name is Mohamed and I am from Egypt. I must admit, your blog is pretty amazing! I am applying for the UWC next February and I have already got the creeps - but reading your blog makes me hanker for having this experience more, it helps me stay motivated ... so thank you for sharing all those lovely moments with us and thank you for writing in such a clear, interesting way and I'll be waiting for your next post.
    Good luck,

  2. Thank you so much for your kind post, Mohammed! It made my day. I'm so glad you're interested in applying and if I can help just let me know: emmyatpearsoncollege@gmail.com

    It is my pleasure to keep this blog, and it makes it so rewarding knowing maybe it can help a little.

    Wishing you all the best, my friend!

    Yours too,