BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Update

Hey ya'll.

Hope you all had a splendid weekend. I sure did. One thing first though - at the moment it feels like no one is reading my blog because on my last 3 posts I've had zero comments. Is this because people are unable to comment? Or is no one reading this? It's totally okay if no one is reading because it's entirely therapeutic for me:)

Okay so on Friday I went shopping in Langford (a nearby district) and oh my goodness, it was lovely. Metchosin is a very small place - around 10 000 people. It has a tiny OVERPRICED general store where they were selling a mug for $17?!?!?!! Do you think I would buy a mug for that price? No siree.

So anyways, Quentin, my friend from Wales, and I bounced off to the dollar store, starbucks, and did a massive shop in Superstore. It was the first time I felt homesick eerily enough. I had a sudden wave of homesickness while perusing the aisles of Superstore. I think it's because ever since I was a wee young 'un I would always go grocery shopping with my dear Momma. This time I had to do it myself.

Sentiments aside, I bought lots of healthy snacks, hangers, mugs, plates, forks, etc. It's weird what you buy when you live by yourself.

When we got home, I got all dressed up for "Red Carpet Affair" first official party. We danced a bit and then had the most amazing time as we walked 30 minutes into the forest and landed in a big soccer field under the star studded sky. It was the clearest night yet. I think everyone else saw about 6 shooting stars. I missed them all. It was wonderful though. We were all lying together and eating and stargazing. Nights at Pearson are often like this. Either floating on the docks, or under the stars, or in music circles, or impromptu games in the common areas, or campfires in the gazebo. It just rocks.

Saturday was a sweet lazy Saturday. It was a gorgeous sunny day so all of us Pearson People slept in and lounged on the East lawn. (Pics below). I went swimming in the afternoon with two second years and we tried to co-operatively teach a guy to swim. It sort of worked. He came a long way! After that we dried off and chatted in the sun.

Today though, was the best. There's an annual event where we live in the beautiful boonies, called "Metchosin Day." Basically it's just a community get together with good food, entertainment, and lots of booths and goodies. I dressed up in my Indian attire and everyone wore their national dress. It was a stunning mosaic of textiles! We performed a Bob Marley song, bollywood, gumboot, and tango dances. I was in the choir and bollywood. It was a blast.
Only downside? We had to walk 2 hours to get there and back. Definitely worth it after a delicious meal at My Chosen Cafe.

I will put the photos in seperate posts according to event.

Hugs and smiles,
Emmy xoxo


  1. Hey Emmy - We have been regularly checking your blogspot - it's a HIT in the household! Your grandad is updated with it too and just the other weekend i uploaded it on to your batterylifesucking laptop (lol) for your grandma and she was checking out your pictures in awe amazement!

    I can totally relate to the whole shopping without your mom feeling. I felt the same when I went through it and it is crazy the things you buy when you're living alone. All i can remember is - stocking up on cleaning products and toilet paper lol!
    It's natural to feel that way but you'll soon begin to enjoy it!
    Inspired by you i have also gone out and bought a journal for everyone to sign before I leave. Currently it's with Jaslin, so once she's done the family and work collegues will get to write in it.
    I'm going to put your letter in to it too :)

    Enough of my bibble babble- continue living it up! and keep up with the blog posts!

    Love you lots.

    P.S The photos are developed - i've left little messages at the back of them so we should be posting them to you soon!

    P.P.S last saturday me and Danny went to Downtown and on our walk back home we saw a SHOOTING STAR! it was so big and clear it must have fallen somewhere close by, we could see the flames!
    It was amazing all i can remember is screaming at Danny "MAKE A WISH!!!" lol!


  2. AHA! Camping on the beach eh? So all those camping trips that we dragged you to in Guiding have paid off! Bet you're the best in school at putting up a tent...and staying warm all night! Don't ever lose your head and start doing crazy things like buying a $17 mug! Whaaat!!! For $17 you could get a cute little polka-dotted bra! :)
    Anyway m'dear. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and continue to have a fabulous time. Say hello to your friend from Wales. My husband and I LOVE Wales most especially the adorable little town Llangollen--or something like that.
    Bye for now. Hugs to you my dear
    Guider M.