BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Friday, February 11, 2011

100th Post

Can you believe it?  It's been 100 blog posts, 15 months, 280 new friends, over 100 countries, and countless adventures. 

Lately Pearson has been feeling pretty postcard-like, which is unusal for February. Despite the fact that I have a Math IA due on Monday, English orals on Wednesday, and the week after: a theatre presentation, a marine science IA, and french orals.  Oh and throw in an anthropology presentation, too.  Nevertheless here's what I've been up to recently:

- Soaking up the sun.  Yesterday it was a glorious day and I had precious time to hang in a hammock, chase little kids around on the lawn, attend a tea party, go to yoga, and just connect with people

- There was a phenomenal village meeting on Wednesday where I found myself dancing with 200 other people on the stage to Twist and Shout as well as talking about some very interesting things like leadership and the aim of the college, etc.

- Went climbing in the woods and unfortunately didn't get the chance to repel down a cliff like everyone else

- I am learning the famous gumboot dance, see video.  Also see the awesome Waka Waka video (also going to be in One World) from Afro-Carib Regional Day.  I remember watching gumboot before I came and just being in awe.  So crazy I am actually part of it now.

- We went to the beach with Marine Science and did a WONDERFUL scavenger hunt.

- There was a waterfront first aid drill yesterday where Sune, my friend from Denmark, had to play an injured diver.

- MC/Link auditions for One World.  All the auditions were breathtaking

Sometimes I am swept away in the sheer incredulity of it all. How did I get here? All I can do is say thank you thank thank you thank you.

Indebted to say the least.


PS: Good luck to all those who are in the application process!!!

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  1. I wish I was closer to be able to come to see your show! It seems very great!