BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sometimes learning at Pearson seems surreal.  Like today I woke up and watched a male elephant seal attempting to rape a pregnant female elephant seal.  Writing this blog from the picturesque location of RaceRocks - an ecological reserve a short boat ride away from campus - is amazing.  Despite having been here many times for marine science, etc.  I am always taken aback by its pristine beauty.  During the year it is the home of many stellar sea lions, elephant seals, whales, and just a multitude of wildlife.

I am here with my advisor group and it is just lovely. The wonderful and incredible Seb (history teacher) and Natasha (Spanish teacher) are here with us along with the ecological guardians: Ryan and Raissa, both Pearson alumni.  Yesterday we had a great dinner and watched the Shawshank Redemption (great movie, btw!)  And today we made breakfast, did some chores around the island, did a beach clean up, and observed elephant seals chasing each other. 

What is also surreal that in less than two weeks I have received e-mails from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Portugal.  I am blown away!  It brings me such delight to hear from all of you! Please e-mail: emmyatpearsoncollege@gmail.com  Also what is with the lack of comments recently?  Leaving a comment seriously makes my year :D

Tomorrow we have a big rehearsal for our upcoming second year production, The Laramie Project.  I might also mention that my parents are not going to come (see Mom, public humiliation!), much to my dismay.  However, the play is an incredible piece, based on the tragic beating and murder of a university homosexual man in Wyoming in 1998, Matthew Shepard.  It is derived from 100s of interviews with people in the town of the murder and is just an awesome play.  Look up Matthew Shepard of The Laramie Project for more information.  If anyone is in the Victoria area you are free to attend, it is being performed Jan 29 or 30 I believe.  E-mail for details.

Anyways, wishing you a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


  1. Great to read another post of yours :) Keep'em coming :)

  2. I am writing a post for my blog, watch out : )

  3. Totally agree with the surrealness. I love your voice in these posts. Keep them coming! I posted one, p.s. :)

    Keep it up, beautiful!
    xo Liz

  4. It's actually the first comment I write even through I have read all posts!
    I am applying for UWC from spain's committee, seems impossible but hey, if you don't try you don't succeed!
    Keep going with the blog :D