BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Monday, November 8, 2010

November blues?

Hello dear readers,

I'm constantly amazed by the wonderful people who somehow stumble upon my blog. The comments really inspire me to update more often, thank you for commenting :)

This is going to be a really random post, since I'm in a rush....sorry for any confusion.
Well it's been more than two weeks. I'm sorry. I guess I just got wrapped up in school again. Let's see...this is what I've been working on. They don't call it November for nothing! (Reading that over, let me apologize for the Canadian tendency to apologize for everything!)

- My theatre independent project, actually quite fun
- My theatre research investigation
- My theatre Independent project portfolio (not as fun)
- Theatre First Year production - I'm doing lights!
- Rewriting my EE (sigh)
- Tests everywhere
-English world literature essay
- Math IA
- Anthropology IA (Internal Assessment)

Sometimes the days here pass so fast it's all a blur and I'm gripped with a horrifying anxiety at how soon it is that I am going to have to leave. At this point, I'm so scared. I know I'm going to be depressed for a while afterward. Maybe I just need to accept that. I'm planning on doing some travelling.

Ah, this brings me to another interesting topic. A teacher at Pearson has an amazing organization called Kule which sends volunteers to Kenya in the summer. It is open to anyone so if you're interested check out the website: http://www.kenyakulefoundation.org/

Maybe the trick with writing here is shorter, more frequent entries.

I went for a mushroom walk the other day with David and a bunch of students. It was quite interesting. The nature here on the coast is truly remarkable. There's nothing like breathing the sea air every day. It think it's one of my favorite parts about being here, right on the ocean, in a forest. I never forget how lucky I am. Sometimes I have these 'epic moments' at a meal or in class, when I'm in some crazily unique position and I can't help but wonder how I got here. It's such a blessing. I know I say that so much, but maybe it attests to how I feel.

I was reminded the other day that it was my selection committee that urged me to start a blog. I'm really glad I did, looking back. I'm really so grateful to them for allowing me this opportunity. So a quick shout out to John and all the great people on the BC selection committee.

The other day there was a helicopter hovering above campus taking some pictures! Apparently Chris Blondeau, our Director of Operations, pulled some favors from his time in the military so we can create a new brochure!

Pearson is currently embarking on a publicity and fundraising campaign. I think partly because we are desperate for funding but also that in Canada, we are not very well known at all! This is a tragedy because even though we are an international school we are also a Canadian school. So pass on the word!

In other news, I have applied to the University of British Columbia for next year. I can't decide whether or not to apply to other places. It may not be the most exciting choice, but I think it makes the most sense. I love Vancouver and I think it would be a great school to go to.....

Well, I have to run to grab some lunch. But sending you lots of love.

Will update soon.


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  1. so your r thinking of coming back to vancouver eh? nice!

    how are you by the way emmy? you seem to be doing good:) by the way, are you coming for winter break? if so, i think we should have a get together with people dont you think?