BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well ladies and gentlemen, Emmy is back. And as happy as ever.

I just read an extremely heart warming e-mail from the wonderful Heather at TLC (The Land Conservancy - rocking organization). She has been a friend and role model to me for the past 4 or so years and is always so kind and supportive. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to keep in touch with me. It means the world.

Reading back over my last post I have some renewed perspective because SO MUCH has happened on Pearson's campus. I've realized this place really isn't about the academics so much as a well balanced and well rounded education. It's funny how life throws you events that give you new insight into what is important. Last week was possibly the most challenging week of the year so far.

It all started with a village gathering about one student who was sent home. Now the community we live in is extremely close-knit, and tearing one of us away is often heart-wrenching. It is like losing a loved one. Naturally there was quite an uproar from the students and a lot of us succumbed to some powerful emotions. We had a 5 hour discussion about the whole thing and a negative energy lingered. It was painful for me to watch this whole thing. Thankfully some yogic breathing helped me through.

Because the auditorium was required for the Village Gatherings, our theatre rehearsal was pushed back so that most of us theatre students were in the building until midnight. Our production happened on Friday and Saturday and the Village Gatherings happened on Tuesday. Before we knew it, we weren't even sure whether we could pull of the show as all the rehearsals are integral to the final performance. Miraculously we pulled together for the long haul and spent countless hours working to create a final product that was so rewarding I nearly cried.

I did costumes and make up with the lovely Ashley from the Bahamas and it was an experience I will never forget. Not only is it a very precise and patient job, but you get to know people in a very PERSONAL way. It was all worth it at the end of the day, and I am in awe of our theatre group that possesses so much dedication and drive. Our teacher Libby is incredible in every way.

My parents came to watch the show and I think they enjoyed it :) It was wonderful to spend some time with them again. After the 2nd year production on Saturday, life here remained as hectic as usual because of....ONE WORLD AUDITIONS! In case you are unaware, One World is a giant multicultural display Pearson performs in Victoria. This year it is happening March 13. For more info: http://www.pearsoncollege.ca/ . Needless to say the auditions were intense (we've been rehearsing since the beginning of January) and beautiful experience. It constantly amazes me how creative students are here. Pretty much every dance is student led.

Wednesday was a day of no classes and instead focussed on spending time with our co-years. Our second years left for the day and spent it at the beach hanging out, while the first years had an "academic morning" and heard presentations about several aspects of the IB. After that we had an amazing house chill out in McL and just talked about all the places we were from while eating brownies and drinking tea. Some day I will have to speak about the tea culture here. In the afternoon the first years frolicked in the water at a pool party that was a blast. The day helped us to bond together and remind us of the essentials of living together after a difficult week. I admire Pearson's approach to "mixing up the routine" every now and then to teach us in new ways. Life here is never rigid and always on the move.

Makyla and I are in the process of starting to help decorate our common room (which overlooks the water) so it is more appealing to students. It is a delight to work with a Director as open and kind as David. We're lucky to have him.

Today I went to a senior's home with my service activity and it got me thinking about how much service has taught me. There were moments of sheer joy when peoples' faces lit up as they sang their favourite song, or their eyes teared up or the danced in their wheelchairs. How lucky we are to bring music to people for whom it means so much. Music has so much power to lift our spirits and brighten our days.

This morning I woke up feeling so content and peaceful about my place in life. I know I say this all the time, but my gratitude is boundless. I am indebted forever for this place. I know it is already shaping the rest of my life. Being so free and open to discovery is the ultimate gift an education can give.

Wishing you peace in your life as well.


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