BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

February Poem

What is love?
Who do I love?
How can I love?
Why do I love?
Am I in love?

Thoughts flitter like butterflies across my mind and feelings fly.
Remembering: late night conversations, four lives mesh in a mosaic,
Beauty because of connection
and OH the blissful joy of sticky notes!
It is the dear friends who make the unfamiliar, a home
The strangers, a family.
Their beautiful voices on tiny paper that say -
“Sorry I missed you! Hope you have a great day!”
And their words etch images as I look away -
I remember my first day being swarmed by new friends
hovering, discovering, hovering, discovering.
Finding a desk littered with them
“Welcome to Pearson! Come find me in Room 4!
You’re in for a ride that’s for sure!”

A ride that takes me up , up , and away
When I am so happy I laugh for no good reason and I can’t even imagine
Feeling so close knit, this hot air balloon rises to the sky and sometimes it falls
To down, down, below where I rediscover how easy it is to
crash into concrete
lose your footing as you run down this path called life, watch out for the roots
And cross the river with caution -
Falling off the cliff is a possibility when you’re surrounded by IB
abbreviations – I.A., E.E., IP, TPPP,
and so I scream FREE ME! I want to sleep!

Eventually....gently pirouette back on track and journey up the driveway
it makes me smile and yeah, it takes a while, but:
I love the random hugs, the walking for miles
I love the tall trees and the cold breeze and I love the leaves as they fall
I love the flowers that bloom and I love my cozy room
And I love how everyone looks so sleepy at noon
or 8pm... walking sleepy-heads, all of them.
Innocent, innocent, because we are all just innocent.
And yeah sometimes we argue
Or we talk for too many hours, or work for too many nights, or forget why we came.
But now is the moment,
Now I am sure,
My heart echoes
I know, I know, I know.

I’m in love
with Pearson College.


  1. You are such a beautiful soul Emmy! Keep that energy going!

  2. Hey, Emmy!
    I opened every single entry on your blog~
    It is such a nice idea: "Experiences at Pearson" I am sure in a few years after Pearson, I will be looking at my laptop with your blog on my screen and reading everything without skipping a single letter.
    Good luck Emmy! You are such a wonderful person! Keep it up!
    =) TsaTsa ^.~