BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Two Months

In two months...

A fetus will have developed all of its major organs.
You will have paid two rent cheques/utilities bills/mortgage/car payments.

An Earthquake could hit and have lasting devastating outcomes.
Or a tsunami.
Or a fire.
Or a murder.
Or a cyclone.

Or nothing at all.

You could fall in love.
You could fall out of love.
You could get married.
You could get divorced.
You could stay single and buy cats.

You could learn how to swim.
You could learn how to ski.
You could start to learn how to talk.

You could start to learn how to walk.
You could jump in a lake, an ocean, a kiddy pool, or off a diving board.
You could soar.
You could fall.
You could hit your head.

You could improve your body, your mind, your soul.
Or you could not.

You could run a campaign.
You could run away from campaigners.

You could train for a marathon (running or just of life).
You could help someone.
You could help yourself.
You are 1/6 through a year.
You are 60 days.
60 Coffees, laughs, drives, walks, or hugs.

The moon will have come and gone four times.
The tides will have changed over 120 times.
A butterfly, a shrew, and mosquito and other small animals/insects could have lived and died.

You could go on a blissful vacation.
You could sleep over 400 hours.
You could have eaten 180 meals.
and 200 pieces of fruit.
And gone to the bathroom more than 150 times.

You could buy a lot of new things, or sell a lot of old things.
You could move houses.
You could move countries.
You could build something awesome.
You could take a language course.
You could become a selective mute.

You could paint or buy paintings or paint your room.
You could learn to dance.
You could go on a hiking trip.
You could have multiple parties.
You could spend time alone.
You could cry a bucket full of salty tears.
Or you could laugh off your chair.

You could break bones
Or you could break hearts.
Or you could try and fervently piece something together with super glue.

You could live clean.
You could create an addiction.
You could go Island Hopping in the Maldives.

You could play hopscotch.
You could meet a new friend.
You could reconcile with your enemies.
You could lose weight.

You could gain weight.
You could meditate every day.
You could follow a new sport, like cricket.
You could start to discover your roots.

You could say what you've always wanted to say.
You could be honest to others and yourself
Or you could not.
You could run free through a field
Stargaze at a night sky
Climb a mountain
Skinny dip
Meet new lips
Climb a tree
Simply be
Commune with nature
Sing a new song
Watch movies for too long
Watch the clouds

Run and scream

Or you could try to say goodbye to a place you have loved and the end of a dream.

Another day.  Another chapter.  Another dream.  Another chance. Another opportunity. Another experience. Another school. Another friend. Another home. Another place.  Another time.

But I don't think there is another Pearson anywhere.

Photos courtesy of my extraordinarily talented Danish friend, Sune.  For more:  www.flikr.com/photos/pandakongen

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  1. Wow! Your poems are always interesting to read! You make me dream of what is life in Pearson.