BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Vow of Silence


Could you live for 24 hours without uttering a single word? From 6pm today until 6pm tomorrow some Pearson students (including myself) have gone silent. We've been walking around campus with duct tape over our mouths as we stand in solidarity with those (especially children) who do not have a voice. It has been an interesting endeavor already. A minority of other students have been somewhat "superior" towards me, saying things they wouldn't if I was able to talk back. It is fascinating, this power imbalance. It's also a good lesson in listening for me, it's amazing how much more you pick up when you aren't trying to blurt out every thought that comes into your mind.

Tonight is the Leonid Meteor Shower and despite the cold and rain I think some Pearsonites are sleeping over at the Observatory. The Observatory is on the top of a large hill and is an absolutely stunning place to view the night sky. I only hope it isn't too cloudy and that we can see some meteors. I've never seen one before and it sounds so cool.

Asia-pac dance rehearsals have been numerous and I'm so excited for my parents to come visit on Asia-Pac regional day.

I've got two tests tomorrow so I better continue with my studying. Did I mention that we only have 4 hours of classes a day? The rest is devoted to non-academic learning which I believe is just as or even more, important. Some days we only have classes in the morning and we have a speaker or a village meeting in the afternoon. I really really really love the system.

In general I'm just so glad I'm here. I feel like I belong. I feel like I don't have to struggle against any teachers or systems or peers that don't want to actively make the world a better place. I cannot describe how refreshing it is. You must come and visit!

Peace and love,

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  1. Hi Emmy,
    We can't wait to see you either. I look forward to hearing more about your vow of silence experience.
    It really makes it easier to cope with your being away from home because I know how much you love it there and all the wonderful experiences you are having.
    Love, Mom