BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Life at Pearson has been action-packed since we arrived home from Project Week. And that is what it was like - arriving home. I think there was a significant shift after PW where a lot of us felt more comfortable and out of the "newbie" stage. If you had walked into the caf for dinner on the day we returned, you would have been so inspired. Simulaneously everyone was hugging and kissing and reuniting with their friends. It was joy everywhere and love that filled you to the brim.

Besides getting back into the swing of classes, life for 2nd years has been a little bit stressful lately. A lot of big assignments are due and university deadlines loom above their heads. I'm thinking of organizing a relaxation workshop where I can incorporate some of my yoga experience. "Relax" isn't really a buzzword here. Life is always on the go and many of the students operate on very little sleep. A new rule was implemented this year called the 10:30 rule, where students are not allowed to be in anyone else's room after 10:30pm. Although some people say that we're receiving more sleep now, some students had some initial resistance to the rule. I find it works fine and I try to get to bed at 11pm at the latest (mind you, this doesn't always work out how I want it).

It's funny how the basic needs are sometimes the hardest to fulfil here.

I have been living in the Max Bell Building, and namely on the stage. As our magnificent stage manager, Salome, says as she points at the wood stage, "This is your home now." I am a theatre student and I love it. Last night we performed our first year production called, "Agents Provocateurs." What an unbelievable experience it was - being part of a Pearson production. We all grew so close and spent many many many hours rehearsing. In the performance I particularly enjoyed being Princess Chitra, an Indian warrior princess.

In other news, Asia-Pacific Regional Day is coming up, so dance rehearsals have started. We have a Christmas concert or two for choir, winter break is a month away, and it's gotten quite wet and cold. I am enjoying life here more than ever and I have grown close to many of my peers here. This place has become my home, and these people part of my family. Although, I do miss my family and Vancouver, and I think I'll go back and visit soon. I feel blessed to live so nearby.

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  1. Emmy! I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog! It is so great to read about your stories at Pearson. I'm a student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary in BC and I will be applying to Pearson ! Keep on writing ! Even if I do not obtain admission, I'd love to hear your stories about life at Pearson!

    Michelle Pham

  2. Dear Emmy,

    I just found your blog.

    I think it is awesome that you are blogging.

    That is all.


    PS: Michelle, I guess I didn't need to connect you with a BC Pearsonite. Haha.