BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exciting Times

There has been a flurry of activity on the shores of Pedder Bay, here at Pearson.

Last friday we watched a professional theatre company perform "My Name is Rachel Corrie," a riveting and controversial performance. It was about a student from Washington State who travelled to the middle east as a humanitarian aid worker and was eventually killed by an Israeli bulldozer. It is an entirely true story and every word of the play is from Rachel's journals, e-mails, etc. The British actor who plays Prof. Snape in the Harry Potter movies compiled her writings into the play; It was an awesome performance and I sat next to my Israeli friend during the whole thing. I was motivated to research the real Rachel Corrie afterwards and spent quite a while learning about her and feel sort of sad.

On the weekend I went on a LOVELY expedition with some friends to Victoria. Because living at Pearson is like being in a bubble, it's really refreshing to see society again. We had sushi, coffee, and handed out surveys for one of my friends' extended essay.

Yesterday (Monday) however was the most action packed day yet.

My amazing marine science class (which usually takes place in a floating building on the pacific ocean) dismantled a dead sea lion that had washed up on Race Rocks (http://www.racerocks.ca/). It was a gory and smelly sight. I stayed for a bit, took some photos on my friends' cameras, and then ran away. We are keeping the bones so we can construct a skeleton. My teacher, Laura, is great and passionate and was there the whole day. FYI - if you happen to encounter a foul smell, you can alleviate some of your discomfort by rubbing Vicks Vaporub under your nose.

After that, I was looking forward to seeing a speech by Rex Murphy in Victoria....however, I walked into McL and another pungent smell assaulted my nose - this time natural gas. There had been a gas leak! So David Hawley pulled the fire alarm and everyone assembled outside. Luckily there was an abundance of small children and puppies so I was occupied. The bad news was this happened RIGHT at dinner time and I was supposed to leave with a group to see Rex Murphy at 6:00. Of course we weren't allowed to leave and I was feeling quite heart broken.

Turns out it wasn't a gas leak after all. Just some gassy smell coming from perhaps a ship on the ocean.

In steps Fate, and BAM! It's safe to go at 6:45 - the show starts at 7:30. So we jumped in a car and hoped for the best. We eventually got there and heard a heartwarming speech about the kindness of Canadians by the one and only Rex (Mom & Dad, it was so neat to see him live, he is such a naturally poetic speaker). Even more awesome, they had food afterwards!! I haven't had a grape in 3 weeks. Let alone brie cheese, and crackers, and flatbread, and bruschetta. It was pure heaven.

Speaking of the three weeks thing. It has officially been the longest I have ever been away from my family and I do miss them. I miss my Mom's unconditional and open love and all the discussions we would have. I miss my Dad's goofy jokes and dare I say, even my brother's hugs. I miss my grandparents' wisdom and my cousin's sweet smile. And although I miss them, all I need to do is look inside and I realize they're all a part of me.

I love you all more than you know.

See you soon.

PS: AHA! I realized why anonymous people weren't able to comment on my posts - because that's how the default settings were!!! NOW ANYONE CAN COMMENT!


  1. awwww! Sounds like your having a blast, despite the hectic days! I'm really happy for you emmy. :-) Keep having a blast.

  2. awwwwwh i love hearing about everything you get up to.
    You describe them so well i feel like i'm with you!
    It's good to know that you are enjoying yourself.
    I miss your liveliness around the house and chilling in the basement with you.
    lots of love and sweet smiles.


  3. Hey Emmy: Just got your fabulous letter and, in reading these posts, I get such a great feel of the College. Can't wait to see you and the campus on Nov. 14th...we'll be there FOR SURE!!!! Absolutely looking forward to meeting all your new friends as well. Hope that all those pungents "aromas" will be fully expunged by the time that I get there :)
    Stay well dear Emmy. Don't be too lonesome; we're all there with you in spirit.