BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hunkering down

Exams are on the horizon. I'm trying my hardest to be dilligent about studying and not too stressed, so I might be absent for a while. Maybe I'll keep up with the shorter posts. What have we been up to?

- The boys upstairs in McL woke up early last Sunday morning to make all of us ladies breakfast. It was very impressive and very kind of them

- The Golden Shoe - an epic inter-house soccer tournament - took place. It was some intense playing and McL brought the shoe back for the second year in a row.

- The babies on campus are growing up and pulling at my hair:)

- My roommate has started to take down all the things on her wall....and a lump of anxiety has settled inside of me.

- My practice "Independent Project" for theatre is tonight! There are three of us in the group: Makyla from Ontario, Chezev from Trinidad, and I. It has been a whirlwind journey of writing, directing, and acting in our own piece. We struggled and triumphed and hope to convey some truths tonight. It has been a delight working with these very talented ladies.

- I've had some great conversations with people, I guess to me, that's a huge part of what Pearson is about. Learning about other people in a very deep way, to a point where you can recognize yourself in the process.

I am looking forward to a relaxing summer with my family! At the moment we're planning to go to Belize for a short vacation. In the meantime I have a lot of work to do re: extended essays, internal assessments, universities, scholarships, theatre production planning, etc. etc! I'm planning to do my summer service with 10 000 Villages, and with my last position on co-op radio (hopefully, if they take me back), and maybe some work at women's shelters on the Downtown Eastside. The sunshine is warming the days and our tired souls here... hmm...have I mentioned how BEAUTIFUL the campus here is (especially in the sun)?

No matter what, it is going to be incredibly painful to leave in just under 3 weeks. I can't really think about it yet, I'm trying to look at this as a "see you later" not a final goodbye. There are so many beautiful people here, it will be hard to let them go.

Lots of love,

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