BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Since the last post ended up sort of poetic and it's now 3:05am, I thought I'd post another one. I've been writing poems for years. I don't know if they're any good, but they help me work through whatever is happening. There's something definitive about words on paper. Something familiar and comforting to me. Something wonderful about creating something out of nothing. Of watching letters form and swirl and circulate like wine in a glass. Then settling perfectly at the bottom, making art out of your arrangements.

Falling and Flipping

Falling and flipping
Screeching and tripping
Car breaks halt and the world jerks forward
Throwing you headfirst into all the dusty, hidden corners
Cobwebs you thought you cleared out,
But here they are.
Silken strands of detriment, and lovers gone, and unsent letters,
of a time you thought was long gone.
But Time stands still now and then
Everyone else keeps moving


Circles and rotation, orbits and floatation
Maybe you feel that you're faraway, wandering in a lush forest
While all that you left is exactly how you left it
Perfectly familiar
Dreadfully normal
The same monotonous routine
Bells ring
Choirs sing
Clouds bring


It's the pastlife
The one you knew so well
Existing without you.

You're gone.

Disappeared into the wild.

You see your old spirit
Drifting through hallways and linoleum floors
Sitting in chairs near cold classroom doors
Wafting over benches
Sifting over talkers
Tendrils of who you were wrapping themselves lazily
Around handrails and lockers

I'm observing the crowds
Detached now. The oceans of faces.
I'm silent, in the background. Merging with the lights
All the early mornings and the late nights.
Spent painting pictures no one really saw
Or speaking a language no one really understood
Or singing songs no one really heard

You'd think I'd want to fly away
And I did.

For there is a time when all your efforts turn into all your pains
When the skies you've been staring at become the rains
But intrinsically, inherently, indefinitely, and infinitely
It is all a part of me, as much as I used to be a part of it.

But all I know is now they are waving goodbye
I am waving hello
Already crossed that threshold-
already absorbed into sand-dust,
already dissolved in the rolling waters
I am in the sediment.
Rocky shores and steady tides take me

Even though
Home is not what I expected
At all.


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