BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project Week Madness....So far

Yo Homies!

No I have not simultaneously combusted into a gangster...but things have changed from 'roomies' into 'homies.' As I write I hear the excitable voices of my fellow housemates this project week. Introducing -

1) The wise and yet still so fun loving and down-to-earth grandmother of the group - 2nd year from my very own delightful province - ALY PIERIK!

2) The outgoing and always bubbly (like champagne) and smart, sweet, BRANDI from Newfoundland. Oh and yes, she has the most fabulous accent.

3) The cheerful, bright, and flower-like (in a gorgeous stunning way) and adorable small island girl - EMMA from PEI!

4) The girl with the incredible blonde curly hair and who is bilingual, witty, and very smart - LARA from Quebec's own MONTREAL!~

5) The strong, deep thinking, free spirited, and adventurous (and mild health freak. actually MAJOR health freak dairy free vegetarian obsessive exerciser) MAKYLA from Guelph (ie Canada's hippyland).

and in case these names are sounding a bit homogenous..*COUGH CANADIAN GIRLS COUGH*

6) The sweet and tall and smart and talented FRANCIS from Tanzania!

and of course there's me. I'm a cross between a overprotective mother/annoying tour guide/wedding planner/and B&B host. I must admit, I think I would run a good B&B if I had one. I think at least 30 Pearsonites have slept in my basement this past year and it has been a beautiful experience. It's not like having guests. They do everything and more for themselves and me. They're extremely easy going (except when you give them the wrong directions), savvy, flexible people.

Anywho so I suppose I should speak a bit about this week. There are 2 simultaneous projects happening here and one second year riding along for the journey. The first project consists of Emma, Lara, and Brandi. They are working on a newspaper about all sorts of things in Vancouver. Makyla, Francis, and I are volunteering with 10 000 Villages (an amazing fair trade store: http://www.tenthousandvillages.ca ) , The Land Conservancy and doing some yoga/dance like things. It has certainly been a packed week so far.

Everyone arrived at my house on Tuesday. That night a bunch of my homies took in a Canucks hockey game while the remainder of us chilled at home. The next day was filled. We woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and then went to a nearby lake to spend a couple hours volunteering in a heritage garden. We dug lots of trenches! It was great exercise, much to Makyla's joy. After that we came home, ate a great lunch, and then headed out downtown to volunteer at 10 000 Villages for 3 hours and...

(This is where my computer went AWOL and lost the rest of possibly the most entertaining of all the blog posts I've ever written. A lot has happened since I lost the rest of this entry. For example a spontaneous tea party with amazing oat bars and an emergency toilet plunge).

I will work myself into another funny mood and finish this when I stop crying/laughing

Yours in pieces,

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