BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Break

I'm deeply sorry for the lack of recent posts. I think I just got swept away by block week (exam week before break) and a host of other things, and before I knew it - I was back home with no blog posts for a few weeks!

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank you again for reading. Recently, a couple people whom I thought would never be keeping track of me said they had been reading this blog....and it made me so happy! I partly do this for myself, but I think this could be a medium for anyone to get a taste of the wonderful world of UWC. Also, if you know any student in grade 11 who is actively and passionately trying to create a better world PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell them about the extraordinary experience Pearson has to offer. Forward them this blog address or to the www.pearsoncollege.ca and click on "apply." Applications are due in February I believe.

Here are some of the events that occurred before I left:

- Our house (like the other 4) had a secret santa thing going on for a couple weeks and it was plain astounding to see what kind of surprises were in store. People left sweet notes for each other, hung signs/poems/posters around campus about their buddy, left candy and chocolate, made people's beds, did their cleaning duties. Some people went above and beyond the call of a Christmas buddy. Some made videos in dedication of their buddies, some held a candle-lit dinners, some made scavenger hunts. I was blessed with an AMAZING buddy (who turned out to be Rita from Portugal) who among other things: Hung a mobile above my head with a picture of me saying I was beautiful, hired someone to walk in my room wearing a santa hat while I was sleeping and proceed to dump hundreds of Hershey's kisses on my bed, and THEN hang the HUGEST sign across the whole math room window saying,
"EMMY, WHO CAN'T LOVE YOU?" with balloons over my name. To say the least, I was in awe and helplessly grateful. I really appreciated everything she did for me.

- We had a delicious house dinner full of multicultural food that we all made ourselves. It was a really cozy evening, we sat on the floor and talked and laughed and ate.

- After House Dinner there was a night skating trip for anyone who wanted to go. It was beautiful to see people who had never skated before learning from Canadians and those who live in colder climates. Some students improved immensely. We all had a blast - holding hands and playing tag and falling on our faces.

- Block week consisted of 2 classes a day for 2.5 hours each for 1st years. In all my classes except for 2, we watched movies, so it was exceedingly relaxing and enjoyable. In my Marine Science class we went on a fun expedition in the Bay and I had a math exam. However, for second years they had some serious examinations and they were more than relieved when the week was over.

- On Friday the 18th, everyone packed up their bags, woke up at the crack of dawn, and jumped on the bus/ferry/airplane for our 3 week Winter Break.

It is a delight being home. The word "home" now has double meanings. I miss everyone at Pearson - but I'm enjoying the space, quiet, and family that I can experience here. I am looking forward to chillaxing and reading lots of books and doing a minimal amount of work. I really appreciate certain aspects of a home now. For instance, a kitchen. Or a queen sized bed to myself. Or being 10 minutes away from a grocery store. Or being able to drive around town with my Mom.

Warmest holiday wishes to all of you.

Lots of cyber-love,


  1. loving the updates Emmy, it's nice hearing about what you get up to at Pearson and back home. Makes me feel like i'm back in Vancouver and i can almost envision everything you write.


  2. Emmy, your buddy sounds amazing! Hershey's kisses and the love, what an ingenious idea. I've got to try that on my best friend on her birthday!