BC students (PC years 35 and 36) at RaceRocks, taken by Mark Kelsey. Spring 2010.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Month and A Bit

I'm baaaaack!

Sorry it's been a while since my last entry...I don't know if it's because not a whole lot happened, or I just couldn't find time to write about what did happen.

Well where to start? We are in the midst of organizing our Project Weeks at the moment. Now if you have never heard of Project Week, I think it's one of the best initiatives Pearson has in practice. Pretty much they just shut down classes for a week and we go on adventures (the only limits are $400 and our imaginations). I'm going to beautiful Salt Spring Island to volunteer with an organization called SOLID. And I'm excited for a group of students who are volunteering on Vancouver's DTES to be staying in my basement! Thank you Mom and Dad!

There is a host of amazing opportunities that people have presented. Everything from survival in the woods -bringing no food - to "book worm" project week where you stay at a host family's in Victoria and read books. From sailing to kayaking to biking to hiking the Glaciers....everything is possible. I really value this down to earth perspective on education.

Today I co-chaired our first village meeting with Irene from Spain, and it was wonderful! Basically village meetings are when all 250 members of our community sit in a circle and can bring up topics for discussion. We used a talking "feather" technique which replaced a speaker's list, and combined Open Space with full village discussions. It was definitely an experience standing up in front of everyone and trying to keep us on track for time. I was so happy to finish within the allotted 2 hours!

Right now I'm really busy with acting in Connor's Independent Project. An IP is for Theatre students in their second year where they write, direct, and produce their own performance. I'm the narrator in his Seuss-inspired "Milton Hears a Who." It's a riot.

Besides that, I've been busy with schoolwork and a ton of dance rehearsals for our upcoming Indian/Middle Eastern Regional Day. So far I'm part of a traditional Indian girls' dance, belly dance, Jai Ho, a bollywood number, and maybe an Israeli dance.....

Random tidbits:

Someone has been very sneaky in my house and keeps stealing my yogurt.

I'm coming home in a few days for Thanksgiving! YAY!

Our housefellow is giving birth right now! We'll soon have a baby nearby.

Some people from Burma are visiting the college this weekend.

I'm going to perform a song with my friend Makyla at a musical cafe

I've been doing yoga with my friends....


Life has been a little challenging this past week... just trying to navigate interpersonal things, but it's all settled down. Let's just say avoiding someone and avoiding issues is impossible here. The community is too small and I'm glad.

I still can't remember a happier time in my recent years. I feel like I'm really living my purpose here. Really on track.

Hugs & see you soon,

Emmy xoxoxo

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